Hi there! My name is Jenni (she/her)

I’m a Senior Human-Centered Designer who loves facilitating deep discussions about human attitudes and behavior.

My 12 years of first-hand design experience have revealed to me that accessibility and inclusion are lacking in Big Tech. I’m here to help solve that problem by teaching teams how to create accessible products and encouraging testing within minority communities as often as possible.

I am committed to using the right tool for the right job with a consistent thread of human empathy in all of my work. Below is a list of things that you can find on this website to learn more about me and what I have to offer.

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Want to know how my mind works?

I prioritize being honest with both myself and others: we all have bias and I believe that it’s our responsibility as humane technologists to understand and acknowledge our inner-dynamics.

I took some time to map my mind. The infographic below is what I refer to as my “mind map“: a fun exercise that is pretty common in UX. Take a look if you find yourself curious!

Graphic: Jenni's mind map has four core pillars - Integrity, Enthusiasm, Innovation and Kindness. Each of those pillars creates a web of motivations that have their own potency. Ask Jenni for more details!