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My name is Jenni and I am a seasoned visual designer based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA with over a decade of freelance design experience. I am passionate about ethical UX design and actively transitioning into that field. Scroll onward to see if my work and philosophy feels like a good fit for your project.

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I am committed to helping blossoming business owners discover the visual style that suits their products and/or services. Brand identities are simple and essential for a streamlined online presence. Below is the start of my collaboration with Maryelle Baverso. Check it out!

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In my ten years of designing, I have crafted countless graphics that have served the visual needs of my clients. I am skilled at problem solving, listening, empathizing and intentionally sifting meaning into every element that I include in a design. I am available for taking on new work! I would love to get to know you and spotlight your services.


I love teamwork! Working together means creating something with a wider reach: making it more meaningful and accessible. Some of my favorite collaborations include: talking about what is needed, brainstorming without judgement, compassionate call-outs, constructive feedback and visioning. Are you into these things too? Let’s make something together!


Inspiration comes in all forms. I do my best to keep my portfolio fresh and diverse to showcase my ability to reflect the uniqueness of my clients. If visual and UX graphics with soul inspire you too, subscribe to my site to feed your senses when I add new stuff to my collection. I would love to see what you are working on too!

About Me

I am a design school graduate who started my career concerned about my impact after graduation. My worst fear was settling for a job at an ad agency where I couldn’t say no to clients and remain true to my values. These challenges inspired me to devote the majority of my time and energy to getting to know myself more deeply: becoming more confident setting boundaries, intentionally choosing my work, learning the art of listening and practicing compassionate feedback cycles while exploring how I could make a difference in the world without the safety net of someone else’s framework.

Fast forward ten years of freelancing and self-discovery: I am a designer with integrity who is enthusiastic about working in UX design. I love that my skills serve the entrepreneurs and organizations that I believe in and make their services more visible and accessible to their communities. These days, I am prioritizing how those of us in tech can begin to solve some of the problems we have created:

How can we inspire “users” to engage in our content without falling into addictive habits?
What techniques can be used to combat shaming, fear mongering and manipulation in design?
What does a healthy relationship with technology, apps and social media look like?
Are we doing the work of decolonization and anti-racism in our fields, knowing that these mindsets are violently destructive and ever-present?

Solidifying my code of ethics and discovering how to ask the right questions when solving problems are two invaluable experiences that I am the most proud of. I look forward to collaborating with other creatives that are also passionate about using learned skills to create the change that is needed in the world!


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