“Jenni is a principled designer and her voice elevates the work our team produces. Her focus and grasp of the content provides depth and clarity to our event marketing.”

Deirdra Mercury | Reclaimingpgh Media Cell Team Member

“I am thrilled to recommend Jenni’s design work. She redesigned my website and created a logo for my astrology business that I am proud of using to reflect me and my work.

She brings a great eye to her designs. She knows a lot about social media and how people use the internet to learn and share information. She kept my concerns and requests at the forefront of what she created for me so that I feel it truly represents who I am.

Jenni is fun to work with. I enjoyed seeing my writing and my business reflected through her eyes. I love how she brings design into her values and her values into her design.”

Tere Parsley Starnes | Starsdance Astrology Owner and Founder

“As someone who has worked with Jenni on a media team for some years now, I can say her style is neat, clear, and consistent.

She has a clear vision for our long term project, one that distinguishes our social media from other projects she has worked on as well as similar groups.

When collaborating, Jenni is very direct and honest about her capabilities: what deadlines she can meet, what work she can accomplish, and how much that work is worth.

Some people get intimidated working with someone like that, but I prefer it. At the end of the day, that’s the mark of experience. That is her way of respecting my time as well as her own.”

Cabra Woodwell | ReclaimingPGH Media Cell Anchor

“Working with Jenni is a delight. She is always striving to create media that reflects the style and essence of the client.

When working on designs with Jenni she listens intently to the overall theme and desire and strives to create media that is intriguing and beautiful. 10/10 would recommend. .”

Juniper Caldera | ReclaimingPGH Media Cell Anchor