Recently, my peers nominated and selected me as my company’s Core Values Champion!

Check out the video below to learn why. How lucky am I to have been chosen out of over 600 employees?

Below are some things that my team members have said about working with me.

Want to hear more? Message me for a list of references!

Quote: "once you've had a chance to work closely with Jenni, it's hard to remember how you were able to do without her perspective. She shares, teaches, and coaches internally with an impressive mix of patience and passion." - Ember DeBoer, Director of Customer Experience
Quote: "Jenni works hard to ensure that her designs are thorough and consistant. She is mindful and inclusive of the needs of not only the full range of end users, but also the full range of her colleagues." - Ross Pokorny (developer)
Quote: "Jenni is fun to work with. I enjoyed seeing my writing and my business reflected through her eyes. I love how she brings design into her values and her values into her design." - Tere Parsley Starnes (Stakeholder)
Quote: "When collaborating, Jenni is very direct and honest: as someone who has worked with her on a media team for some years now, I can say her style is neat, clear, and consistent." - Cabra Woodwell (Tech Support)
Quote: "Working with Jenni is a joy because she takes the extra mile to consider technical nuances and perspectives when making design decisions. She's also a strong voice for accessibility advocation and has made significant, impactful contributions." - Andrew Prasetya (developer)
Quote: "Jenni is a principled designer and her voice elevates the work our team produces. Her focus and grasp of the content provides depth and clarity to our event marketing." - Dierdra Mercury (team member)
Quote: "Working with Jenni is a delight. She listens intently to the overall theme and desire and strives to create media that is intriguing and beautiful. 10/10 would recommend." - Juniper Caldera (administrator)
Quote: "She has an incredibly infectious sense of positivity and enthusiasm. She's very meticulous when it comes to design work, and she goes to great lengths to ensure that the designs she works with are elegant intuitive and accessible." - Abhinav Bhatta (developer)
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