Below are some things that my team members have said about working with me.

Want to hear more? Message me for a list of references!

text: "Jenni is a principled designer and her voice elevates the work our team produces. Her focus and grasp of the content provides depth and clarity to our event marketing." - Dierdra Mercury (team member)
text: "Jenni is fun to work with. I enjoyed seeing my writing and business reflected through her eyes. I love how she brings design into her values and her values into her design." - Tere Parsley Starnes (stakeholder)
text: "When collaborating, Jenni is very direct and honest: as someone who has worked with her on a media team for some years now, I can say her style is neat, clear, and consistent." - Cabra Woodwell (team member)
text: "Working with Jenni is a delight. She listens intently to the overall theme and desire and strives to create media that is intriguing and beautiful. 10/10 would recommend." - Juniper Caldera (team member)

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