Here is a list of my training, work history, and certifications.

References available upon request. Please contact me for a list!

Work History

text: Senior UX Designer, 8/2021 - present, Sonatype

★ Delivers effective and intuitive solutions to complex problems within open-source software product development.
★ Serves as a creator and maintainer of Sonatype’s Design Library: collaborating cross-functionally to add/adjust React Shared Components of public-facing RSC library for software engineers.
★ Interviews UX designer applicants as a part of the hiring panel and supports Design Studio talent initiatives to ensure the organization includes diverse and accomplished designers.
★ Prioritizes WCAG 2.0 accessibility and qualitative UX research to ensure maximum usability and pioneers initiatives to empower team members to do the same.

text: UX Designer & Researcher, 8/2021 - 3/2022, Starsdance Mystery School

★ Created the community guidelines and brand guidelines for the website to ensure accessibility and inclusiveness for LGBTQIA+ students.
★ Developed the website using UX methods, focus groups, customer journey and usability testing.
★ Launched and managed social media accounts, taught classes, and initiated Discord discussions.

text: Media Designer & Remote Teacher, 9/2018 - 12/2019, Starsdance Astrology

★ Developed creative strategies and oversaw the execution of all creative work across classes and multiple time zones. Edited and formatted content for SEO and adherence to brand guidelines.
★ Led the redesign of the website, adhering to UX/UI best practices. Taught classes remotely to students residing in the US and Canada. Created surveys to shape content and increase accessibility.

text: Community Developer & Facilitator, 12/2015 - 1/2021, Reclaiming Pittsburgh

★ Wrote blog posts, created collateral, graphics and social media posts for events and classes.
★ Co-moderated online communities, organizational meetings, and monitored social media accounts and managed the organizational website. Oversaw the editorial development and execution of content calendars, events, and more.
★ Facilitated workshops on topics of personal empowerment and collective action for large and small groups. Cultivated in-person community and facilitated leadership training.

text: Forecaster & Mediator, 9/2015 - 1/2022, Aurora Dawning

★ Facilitated conversations and asked meaningful questions about issues brought to her by clients. Trusted with problem-solving and advice for challenging life situations.
★ Customized feedback, analyzed cycles, recognized patterns and added deeper perspective. Created action plans and opportunities for qualitative reflection during consults.
★ Tailored contextual interview depth based upon time allotted: session intervals 10, 30, 60, and 90 minutes.

text: Senior Visual Designer, 5/2008 - 8/2021, Self-Employed

★ Served independent business owners, non-profit organizations, corporations, and entrepreneurs as a visual designer for over a decade.
★ Created online advertisements for workshops that have increased attendance and social media following. Organized and designed information of educational materials to enhance online courses.
★ Modernized websites and designed collateral using UX and human-centered methods. Collaborated cross-functionally with teams on social media performance, community outreach, surveys, forms, feedback, and more.


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PhotoShop
Google Workspace


image: Jenni's certificate of completion of "Foundations of Humane Technology" course from the Center for Humane Technology
text: Certification - How to Design for Accessibility for UX Designers
text: Certification - Design Rules: Principles and Practices for great UI Design
text: Certification - Fast Start Usability Testing and UX Research
text: Certification - UX Design: Understanding User Engagement
text: Certification -Sketch from A - Z: Become an app designer

UXR Training

Roadmap to human-centered Research

Created by Laura Scott: Senior UX Designer and Mentor
Completed: Mar 2021 – July 2021

★ Introduction to Human-Centered Design
★ Types of Design Research: Exploratory, Generative, Explanatory 
★ Qualitative Research
★ Quantitative Research
★ Information Design: Reports and Presentations
★ Brainstorming and Conducting UXR Case Studies
★ Resume Review
★ Portfolio Review
★ Social Media Review
★ Overall Kit Review


Reading list requirement for UXR training

Compiled by Laura Scott: Senior UX Designer and Mentor
Completed: Mar 2021 – May 2021


Featured Vendor 2016
Best Portfolio 2010
Outstanding Student Award 2010
Dean’s Scholar Award 2010
Franklin Award of Excellence 2009
Best Foundations Award 2008


text: RMU - Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design - 2007 to 2010; Point Park University - Communications - 2005 - 2007; Iona College - Undecided - 2004 - 2005
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